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Female. 22. Mass girl gone Connecticut. Sassy. Vegan Foodie. Aspiring social worker. Ailurophile extraordinaire. Hopeless romantic. In repair. Lover of loud music, mountains, and peanut butter. Hater of pants. Majorly crushing on @antoninox.
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    last night a guy said to me “you are very, very pretty” and i said “i know” and he said like patronisingly “you KNOW?” and i said “you think you’re the first person to ever compliment me?” and he didn’t know where to go from there

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  • "I am not Mike Brown. I am white. I am middle class. I am female. I am small. I am not considered a threat. When police see me they see someone who looks like them. They see their mothers, their daughters, their sisters, themselves. I am not at risk of being shot by police for existing while black. I am not at risk of being shot while unarmed. I am not at risk of being shot while armed with nothing more than a BB gun. I am not at risk of being shot for reaching for my wallet. I am privileged.
    But I am outraged. And if you aren’t outraged, then you aren’t paying attention. This is America in 2014. This is our reality. It’s so easy to get jaded and to ignore these atrocities, to act like this doesn’t affect us. It’s so easy to get apathetic. In the past it was the youth who protested. Where is the rage of the youth? Where is our rage?
    Like I said, I am not Mike Brown. But I am outraged."
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    Often times I explain that I am the reason police forces were created. They are here to protect me.

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